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6 Types of Cremation Memorials

    When it comes to memorializing a loved one, families often refer to traditional burials. But, there are many of ways to celebrate an individual’s life even when cremation is involved. Choosing to cremate is something that still holds a physical presence for families. Our team at SuperNova makes it easy to uniquely personalize all types of cremation memorials. We have a variety of cremation products that come in various colors, sizes, and styles.

    You can also add custom laser etchings, to help memorialize the legacy of a life once lived. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of cremation memorials that you can offer your customers.

    1. Cremation Urns

    Types Of Cremation Memorials: Cremation Urns

    Urns are one of the most common cremation items that families purchase due to how accessible they are, but also because of the flexibility that urns offer. Also, today’s urns are most commonly made of metals such as: brass, alloy, wood, (oak, pine, bamboo, and walnut just to name a few) granite, glass, wood, and marble, all of which can be permanently marked with a laser engraver. With this, families can easily customize and place urns in their homes with a traditional urn, or opt to select one of SuperNova’s Cremation Garden Urns to place into a garden, or cemetery, both offering a special resting place to memorialize a loved one.

    2. Cremation Benches

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    Cremation benches are another way of memorializing your loved one. Our cremation benches are made of granite stone that ensures promise and longevity for remembrance. Opting to go with a cremation bench offers not only creativity for you and your family, but a way to showcase how truly special the person you are honoring in a big way. Benches are large in size and offer great color, finishes, along with imagery, which allows the customization aspect to be endless. These benches will stand out in many places like cemeteries, gardens or any other meaningful environment.

    3. Cremation Columbariums

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    A columbarium is a public or private building that can house cremated remains and even place urns in the designated compartments within the columbarium. Depending on the cemetery, you can acquire a section of land to place a columbarium to create a special place for family members to stay with each other. In addition to the creativity of columbarium’s, you can also add laser etchings, imagery, and text within the columbarium to create a special sitting ground for your family to showcase and recognize the importance of how they meant to you. Like the cremation benches, our columbarium’s are also made out of pure granite that allows for your cremation memorials to last a lifetime.

    4. Upright Cremation Memorials

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    Monuments and headstones are easily some of the most recognizable cremation items that we offer. Not only do they last a lifetime like our other items, but they also exert the creativity that is created within the stones in terms of what you can do with the stones. With so many options for granite colors, adding imagery, and text the possibilities are endless. These types of cremation memorials often have one to four niches where the cremains are securely placed.

    5. Cremation Pillars

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    One of our most intriguing types of cremation memorials are the cremation pillars. The pillars stand upright and can be bought as a single or double cremation pillar – allowing for more customization abilities. But, our largest pillars come as a base, 2 pillars and a headstone on top that can be very large in size. The pillars also showcase the perfect amount of craftsmanship that comes along with using SuperNova’s production services.

    A cremation pillar is made of a durable granite stone, and features a hollow chamber that holds and protects the cremated remains for all eternity. These stones can still obtain laser etchings and engraved images of your preferred design. With the ability to customize our pillars, most family members choose to have their images and or names on the side of the pillars which can also accommodate more than one family member.

    6. Cremation Bevel Markers

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    Bevel markers are our second smallest in size cremation memorial that we offer. Although they might be small in comparison to other types of cremation memorials, they do offer all of the same capabilities as our other products. Not only can these markers offer great customizable abilities, but they also offer flexibility like our cremation urns. Our bevel markers comes with a cutout inside of the marker allowing for urns and remains to be placed inside. The bevel marker can also accommodate more than one family member and allows for endless laser etching possibilities.

    Whether you’re looking for cremation memorials big or small, SuperNova has what you need. We offer endless possibilities when it comes to honoring a loved one.

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