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How to Adapt to Rising Cremation Trends

    The death care market in this day and age is constantly changing. Flexibility is one of the most important skills for any successful business. We see the demand for products is now shifting. Specifically, the rate of cremation is rising rapidly. Many families are choosing cremation memorials over traditional caskets. Businesses in the death care industry need to recognize the current cremation trends in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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    The Shift in the Market

    Back in the late ’90s, when cremation trends really began to climb, nearly everyone in the death care industry ignored it. Fast forward 20 years and the industry is now seeing the harsh effects of the fast-growing cremation trends. The national average now sitting at over 45%.

    The funeral industry is seeing a loss in revenue. A cremation service done by a funeral home averages $3000. On the other hand, a traditional funeral with a casket costs an average of $7000. Some consumers are opting for a direct cremation, which requires minimal service from a funeral director. This results in little to no profit for the funeral home.

    Cemeteries are also being affected. They’re seeing where the future of cremation is headed. Because most cemeteries rely heavily on pre-need sales, they estimate the cremation trends to be 10 to 20 years ahead of everybody else. Today, cemeteries have more people wanting to sell their plots than people who are wanting to purchase one.

    The industry most affected by cremation is the traditional monument retailers. The rise in cremation and the idea of spreading ashes has drastically reduced the total number of traditional monuments sold. Cemeteries are expanding into monument sales to make ends meet. On the contrary, funeral homes have begun expanding into monument sales to makeup for their profit loss.

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    At SuperNova, we provide countless personalized memorial products. We give our customers options to memorialize their loved ones while still opting for cremation. There are plenty of cremation options available to satisfy your customer’s needs. Our goal is to provide them with a perfect way to remember their loved one, while ensuring your business grows with your customers’ needs.

    To give you an idea, here’s what we offer.

    Statue Memorials

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    Both stylish and unique, no two statue monuments look alike. This is no mistake! Each statue monument is designed by our crew with great attention to detail.

    It doesn’t stop there! These can be transformed into a cremation memorial by adding a precut chamber base, allowing any urn to be placed within.

    Columbaria Memorials

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    Our unique columbaria memorials allow for a physical closeness beyond life! They can fit multiple urns inside them for a shared memorial. This is a perfect option for families who opt for cremation but still want a grave marker memorial. These memorials can be customized specifically to fit your customers’ needs. Many of our designs feature a vessel that goes perfectly with items such as a lasered vase, solar light, or a premium statue. Finish it with personalized family photos and create a lasting impression for your customers.

    Cremation Pillars

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    With a fully customizable Jet-Black plaque and endless laser possibilities, these cremation pillars are a stunning option for your customers’ needs. Likewise, pillars can be used at a traditional cemetery plot, in a memorial park, or in your own home garden.

    Cremation Garden Pieces

    Birdbath Garden

    Provide your customers with the ability to remember their loved ones in the places that mean the most to them. Our garden pieces include benches, garden planters, birdbaths, and more. Our benches are specially designed for cremation. Their supports have room for endless laser designs or sandblast carvings.

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    In addition, our unique garden planters can be placed by 1-2 people and can be laser etched to create the perfect personalized backyard garden memorial. To add a final touch to a beautiful garden memorial, we also offer granite birdbaths that complement our memorials perfectly. With one or a combination of these garden pieces, you can be sure to offer your customers everything they need to memorialize their loved one in a setting most meaningful to them.

    Cremation + Personalization = A Gold Mine

    By providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn the fast-growing cremation rate into a gold mine. If your customers are opting for cremation, you MUST make sure they are aware of all of their memorialization options. It’s time to keep up with the trends in the industry and grow your business to fit the demand of the market!

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