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Specialize in Customization with our Granite Color Options

    As your top supplier for all things granite, we understand how important product customization can be. We believe that offering a variety of color options is a key factor in helping to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It allows for product diversification, as well as individual expression. That’s why we have diligently worked over the years to grow our selection of colors for our SuperNova customers.

    Line Of Our Granite Color Options

    Our expansive selection of granite color options allows you to create monument solutions that are as unique as your customer. We currently offer over 20 unique imported and domestic color options. Along with color, your customers can choose from 8 different finishes to complete their custom order.

    To ensure you’re able to stand out from the competition, we will continue to grow our selection of granite colors for your convenience.

    With over 20 color options, it’s no wonder there are a few fan favorites. Jet Black, Super Gray, and Georgia Gray are our most requested colors.

    Jet Black

    Jet Black is the premier granite color for producing beautiful and intricate laser and diamond hand etchings. Its classic color sheen cannot be compared.

    Super Gray

    There is no better gray on the market than our own Super Gray! Similar to Barre Gray, our Super Gray is a price to beat. Because we own the quarry, we are able to sell Super Gray at a very competitive price.

    Georgia Gray

    This light gray option has been around for generations. The classics are always in style!

    Want to See All of Our Granite Color Options?

    Check out our full gallery of colors suitable for any monument design. By request, any of our sales representatives would be happy to provide you with color samples to display in your showroom.

    Product Catalog Mockup

    In today’s market, there is a huge emphasis on setting yourself apart from your competitors. One of the ways we find immensely successful is to start with your product offerings. At SuperNova, we have a wide selection of monuments, memorials, markers, and more, that are sure to capture the interest of every customer. Request a catalog and shop our full gallery of products to find what best suits your customer base.

    Custom Orders

    Does your customer have a custom order? Not to worry! We offer in-house production services, including laser etching, sandblasting, and diamond hand etching, for your convenience. You are able to personalize granite monuments for your customers in a variety of ways, from color, design, image, text, etc.

    All we need to begin your order is an idea, or better yet, a photograph, or example of the stone you are interested in. We will then give you a quote, and upon approval, will place your order. Upon request, we are happy to provide drawings for special cut monuments and photos for statue carved monuments. Custom orders allow you to take your business to the next level and truly connect with your customers.

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