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How it Works: Laser Etching Granite Monuments

    Have you ever wondered how to laser etch on a granite monument? The process may seem intimidating upfront, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We will share in detail how the process works so you can add laser etching granite monuments to the list of services your business offers. Setting yourself apart from the competition just got easier.

    What is Laser Etching?

    Laser engraving, with regard to etching on stone, is a process of removing the polished surface with a Co2 laser and permanently etching into the natural exposed material depending on the parameters of the image. In more simple terms, laser etching, or laser engraving, is the practice of using lasers to engrave on stone or other materials. In this case, we’re focusing on granite monuments. The great thing about laser etching is that it allows you to produce realistic photo-like images, just like a conventional laser printer, but better and more precise, which is especially useful when working with granite monuments and headstones.

    Granite Monument

    When laser engraving on granite, the surface of the polished stone is removed by the laser beam resulting in high resolution, high detail, and most of all, high-quality artwork. The best contrast will be achieved when engraving on black granite which produces a black and white grayscale photoengraving. A laser engraving on a granite monument will last as long as the polish on the stone, which is typically hundreds of years. Talk about a lifetime warranty!

    Prep Work

    To engrave on larger items, such as a memorial or granite monument, you must first have a laser machine that has the capabilities to engrave sizeable, heavy objects. With no size or weight restrictions, AP Lazer’s open architecture granite laser engraver can handle even the largest of granite pieces. This patented feature provides users the option to fully remove the z-table (or home base) and roll large bulky granite objects directly beneath the laser beam. Read more about our laser machines and accessories here.

    Ap Lazer Machine With Engraved Headstone

    Prior to the actual laser etching portion of the process, you’ll need to start with some prep work. Ask your customer simple fact-finding questions and figure out exactly what they are seeking, so you can deliver a well-loved, one-of-a-kind granite monument. Is there an image they want to be engraved that they can supply to you? The image can either be an original or a digital copy. What is the name(s) they would like included? Are there any significant dates that should be engraved, as well?

    Any artwork can be laser etched onto a granite monument, from simple names, dates, and a portrait, to more elaborate artwork, such as a significant quote, clip art, song lyrics, etc. That’s the beauty of working with a laser etching and engraving machine – the options can be as creative as your customer would like.

    Laser Etching Process

    Laser Etching

    Now that you’ve got the prep work taken care of, you’re ready to get started laser etching the image onto your granite monument. The process of laser etching consists of developing a photograph, either digital or print that has been scanned, through a series of photographic editing programs and turning it into a high contrast black and white picture.

    The picture is then sent to the laser where it is then engraved into granite using a laser beam that is quite small in diameter. The process is very similar in action to scanning an image with an inkjet printer; however, instead of shooting out ink, the laser shoots out a beam that dissolves a tiny spot of the engraving surface.

    Like a printer, the laser can be set to a variety of resolutions depending on the quality of the initial picture. Remember, the better the quality of the picture, the better the quality of the engraving.

    Other Granite Pieces

    In addition to laser etching on a granite monument, laser machines, like the AP Lazer, can etch on granite items, such as war and historic memorials, pet memorial products, family memorials, gravestones, and tombstones.

    You can also etch on a number of interior designs, such as countertops, tile backsplashes, floor tiles, and even large granite table tops for business establishments. With a laser engraving machine from AP Lazer, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and can go beyond laser etching on a granite monument.

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    Think of all the priceless personalized products you could add to your inventory, on top of personalizing granite monuments in-house. Learn more about why AP Lazer is the best laser engraving machine when working with granite.

    As you can see, the process of laser etching on granite monuments is relatively manageable to learn. The great thing about taking laser etching into your own hands is the creativity and personalization that comes along with it.

    You are able to personalize granite monuments for your customers in a variety of ways, from color, design, image, text, etc. Take your business to the next level and truly connect with your customers.

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