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5 Ways to Personalize a Cremation Memorial

    Traditionally, when it comes to memorializing loved ones, families are able to grieve and feel connected through personalized cemetery headstones and markers. But, now that cremation memorials and rates are on the rise, many families with loved ones who opt for cremation are left wanting – wanting a way to capture the legacy of a life once lived.

    Enter SuperNova’s granite cremation memorials! We offer various cremation memorial products with limitless personalization options. Whether your customers are looking to personalize through color, photos, text, or companion pieces (or all of the above!), we’ve got you covered! Allow your customers to create memorials as unique as they are through these priceless personalization options:

    1. Choose a Unique Design

    Collection Of Cremation Memorial

    When it comes to cremation memorials, there isn’t a “one size fits all” type of memorial – that’s why we have 6 different options for your customers to choose from. Allow families to add a personal touch to the following cremation memorial types:

    1. Cremation Urns
    2. Cremation Benches
    3. Columbarium
    4. Upright Memorials
    5. Cremation Pillars
    6. Bevel Markers

    2. Choose a Granite Color

    Granite Colors

    Another way to help families capture the essence of their loved one is through color! After selecting the memorial type, guide your customers through our large selection of granite color options.

    We believe color is a huge factor in memorial personalization and that it allows for individual expression. That’s why we’re continuously working to add to our granite color selection.

    3. Add Photos

    Laser Etching

    Through the use of our in-house production and finishing services, offer your customers the ability to bring precious memories to life by adding high-resolution portraits, family photos, or even photo collages to any granite cremation memorial.

    Because creating a highly customized memorial can be a daunting task, especially for a grieving family, we also offer countless pre-made scenes. Enhance any remembrance piece with hundreds of nature, religious, patriotic, activity and sports scenes.

    4. Add Custom Design Elements

    Adding custom design elements to a cremation memorial is another unique and special way to memorialize the legacy of a loved one. Give grieving friends and family a glimpse into a life once lived through the addition of names, dates, personal bible verses, inspirational quotes, and epitaphs.

    Create a unique piece with our selection of pre-made symbols. Allow customers to truly personalize cremation memorials by embodying their loved one’s personality. Choose from our large selection of religious, pet, activity, nature, hobby, sport, and design elements.

    5. Add a Companion Piece

    Garden Monuments

    Thoughtfully designed to complement our cremation memorials, our companion pieces are another great way for customers to add a special touch to any memorial piece. Allow customers to add another level of customization by choosing from the following companion pieces:

    1. Vases
    2. Solar lights
    3. Mini statues
    4. Bird baths
    5. Garden planters

    We believe personalization is a very important part of the grieving process and that all families should be able to have the opportunity. That’s why, whether the customer is looking at traditional or cremation memorials, we offer the customization options they’re looking for.

    Provide your customers with countless, unique personalization options for traditional and cremation memorials.

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    With our simple order process, as well as our variety of memorialization options, using our services is a no-brainer! Our skilled team aims to create beautiful memorials to capture lifelong memories. Let SuperNova help take your memorialization services to the next level.

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