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Pet Memorials- A Tribute to Your Furry Friend

    For many of us, pets are an extension of the family. Nothing is better than the unconditional love they share with us. Losing them can be incredibly painful when they’ve established a place in our hearts permanently. This is why pet memorials are an excellent way to memorialize our loving furry friends. In many cases, it is like losing a friend.

    There is importance in remembering and honoring the pets that have brought immeasurable joy into our lives. At SuperNova, we acknowledge the significance pets have in our lives, which is why we offer many options for pet memorials. From beautiful granite blanks to engraving options, you’ll find the perfect way to memorialize precious pets while allowing their legacy to live on.

    Pet With Owner

    Introducing New Pets and Remembering the Old

    In the current season, there has been an upward trend in pet adoptions. People now spend more time at home and are traveling significantly less than before. This has allowed many individuals more time to care for a pet, which also means the demand for specialized pet products is at an all-time high. The pet product and service industries have become quite expansive. Many pet owners tend to enroll their fur babies in doggy daycares, pet spas, and purchase clothing for them. But what about pet memorialization products?

    The Importance of Pet Memorials

    Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but an unfortunate reality for many people. With so many products available to care for, there also needs to be options for memorializing them when they are gone. Our goal is to help create beautifully crafted memorials in remembrance of these treasured furry friends. We aim to provide a visual representation of the love shared between a pet and its family. We understand the importance of personalization and make it a priority to provide a wide range of options suitable for all.

    Something for Everyone

    Supernova offers a variety of design options which include several different types of granite pieces. All we need is a favorite photo of your pet along with your choice of memorial design, and we will take care of the rest. We value creating memorials that perfectly capture what your pet meant to you. That is why all our designs are customizable and ready to be worked into something we’re certain you’ll love.

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    Engraving or Sandblasting

    Our engravings look best when done with a high-quality photo. They are detailed and look very sharp against the dark granite; however, if you do not have a high-quality image of your pet, not to worry!  Sandblasting is another great option. Using our image library, we can find an image that looks similar to your pet and can create a memorial that encapsulates them perfectly. 

    Premium Flat Markers

    Engraved Pet Marker

    These markers are perfect for lying flat on outdoor landscapes such as gardens or in the yard; however, they can also be put in your home as a beautiful visual of your cherished furry family member. 

    Garden Memorials

    Engraved Pet Garden Memorial

    If you and your fur baby spent lots of time together outside, we’ve got something for you, too!  We offer products specific to gardens and outdoor memorials. Our granite birdbaths and other beautiful markers are designed to brighten up your garden.

    Memory Tiles

    Engraved Pet Memorial

    Our tiles are available in heart, oval, circle, octagon, square, or rectangle shapes. They are a perfect option if you are looking for something smaller to display in your home. With your pet’s picture engraved, these tiles can be used as a reminder of them and all the sweet memories they have left with you.

    Mini Memorials

    Engraved Pet Memorial

    Similarly, SuperNova offers stand-up pieces that are available in various sizes. These memorials are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are sure to keep the memories of your pet alive forever.


    Cremation Pet Marker

     Our pet urns are a beautiful option if you are wanting to memorialize your pet in this way. They look elegant on display and can also be personalized however you would like, whether with a photo or just text.

    Memorialization is an important step in the grieving process. Similar to a memorial for our human loved ones, a pet memorial can help us cope with the loss. It can also facilitate a celebration of the wonderful impact the beloved pet has had on our lives. Here at SuperNova we prioritize personalizing our products to fit your memorialization needs. We are here to provide all you need to create a memorial that is sure to honor any beloved pet.

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