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5 Questions About Laser Etching on Granite

    Laser etching on granite stones has become a huge hit in the monument industry. We can say that because we have over 30 years of experience to show for.

    With its everlasting features and great photorealistic abilities, laser etching on granite stones has played a huge role in what funeral homes can provide for their customers. Since SuperNova International became a household name for wholesale granite.

    We decided to create a much easier process for funeral homes and monument companies to see the true benefits of providing a cutting edge process like laser etching that we even made our own AP Lazer machine to help revolutionize what customers can do when it comes to getting a stone that is truly what they want. Let’s dive in to see how laser etching on granite works!

    1. How does laser etching on granite work?

    The process is quite simple. We use a C02 laser system to blast a series of dots through the surface of the stone, creating anywhere from stark black and white to full grayscale through dot density. The process is mostly in the design, and the initial setup to see where the machine best operates on speed and power settings.

    Increasing the power can create a slightly deeper burn, but at a loss of detail and variance in grayscale. We apply a white patio paint to the completed etching afterward as a finish to ensure that the etching is bright and stands out when placed.

    2. What color granite is best used for laser etching?

    Laser etching is ideally produced on Jet Black granite. Night black is also usable, but the larger grain size can create blemishes in portraits which can ultimately ruin the detail and complexity of an image that a customer has provided. Unfortunately, other colors don’t have the contrast required to get a high-quality laser etching, thus making jet black the primary stone to work with.

    3. What kind of artwork can be laser etched on granite?

    Any form of imagery can be laser etched on granite, from portraits, to custom-built scenes, to logos and line-art. The most important thing is the quality of the image provided. A low-quality image will beget a low-quality etching.

    4. How long does laser etching on granite last?

    Laser etching on granite is permanent, as it’s engraved through the surface of the stone. This means that the etching will remain as long as the polish does. Laser etching is only at risk of disappearing through severe damage to the stone or re-polishing work being done to intentionally remove it. The actual etching itself does not wear off, but depending on the environment of where the stone is placed and if color or highlights are added, the color can slightly wear off in time.

    5. Can granite laser etching be colored?

    We frequently run laser jobs with added color! It can create an added sense of personalization that pops nicely.

    How is it done? For color etching, we use a slightly lower resolution on images (125 DPI instead of 150 DPI) which allows us to burn a bit deeper into the stone without losing details. This deeper burn gives a bit more grip, allowing the color to hold more efficiently. Our hand painter then adds color paints directly to the etching, and once the customer is satisfied with the color, our painter then seals it with car wax to help increase the longevity of the color.

    How long does this last? As color longevity will differ by region, there’s not a set timeframe. However, by running at 125 DPI on the imagery, we can ensure that the image will still look fine as it fades to black and white, instead of losing detail.

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    Laser Etching on Granite is a Wonderful Addition to The Monument Industry!

    This process makes it possible for you to offer your customers ultra-personalized, photo-realistic memorials that capture the legacy of a life once lived while keeping memories alive forever.

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