Endless Affection Laser Series

laser etched graniteLaser Etching

When laser engraving on granite, the surface of the polished stone is removed by the laser beam resulting in high quality artwork. High resolution photos can be etched with a high power laser and produce stunning results.


With a growing library of 100's of scenes elements and font choices, along with the skills from our talented graphic artists, rest assured your customer can get exactly what they want!


EndlessAffection website


Endless Affection Laser Series

Created for your customer, our Endless Affection website is a perfect tool to use when selling laser etchings. View a gallery, scene catalog and more.

Colored Laser Etchings

Add light and life to your etchings! Our lasers etch dep into the suface of the granite, allowing an artist to hand paint the stone once your artwork has been etched. Please note that no colored laser etching will last forever. When it fades, a beautiful black and white etching will remain.

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Sandblast Catalog


Browse our newly updated sandblast catalog by clicking on the image to the left. As always, if you or your customer has a special request, we can often accomodate special requests!