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Marketing Materials At Your Fingertips

Our goal is to make things easier for you and your customers. Not only do we offer in-house laser engraving and sandblasting, but we also offer various marketing resources to help you sell. We know our products inside and out, and we know exactly how to market them to appeal to consumers. Our marketing materials are available at your disposal to help you grow your business with ease. At Supernova, we provide the products and all the knowledge you need to sell them effectively!

What We Offer

Likewise, we pride ourselves on the variety of design and quality of our products. We have various products to choose from, as well as different services, like laser etching and sandblasting, to ensure their final product is something they love. While it may seem overwhelming trying to remember everything we offer, we make it a priority to take some of that stress away. With our marketing materials, we make it as simple as possible. Utilize our brochures, slideshows, catalogs, posters, and more in order to sell effortlessly to your customers.  

Promotional Brochures and Catalogs

Supernova Promotional Brochures

Additionally, we offer brochures and catalogs with our various categories of products and their descriptions right within them. We have brochures and catalogs on cremation products, pet memorials, tribute monuments, and more! If you need some information on specific memorialization categories, then these resources are perfect to have on hand for your customers to view. Not to mention, we offer a FREE set of 40 promotional brochures to order on our website at any time!

Cremation Resources

Supernova Cremation Catalog

Cremation is becoming increasingly more common within the death care industry. Families who opt for cremation are still looking for products that will memorialize their loved one. We offer a wide variety of cremation products and with that, a variety of resources to sell them. Between our cremation catalogs, sales generator pamphlets, and slideshow presentations, you’ll have everything you need for your customers opting for cremation. 

Product Slideshows

Marketing Materials 1

Integrate our well-designed product slide shows into your current sales flow. All our slideshows are available on our website to download for free! Simply click to download each folder of images and open on your photo viewer on your computer. Then, display them on the go using your laptop, iPad, or tablet, or show them off in your showroom using a large computer monitor, T. V. screen, or projector. 


Product Posters

            Furthermore, our posters are also a great resource to have on hand for your customers to easily view. They cover specific categories of products without having to flip a page! Display in your showroom for easy viewability. Request a set of 5 pre-designed posters available on our website today!

Remembrance Project:

The Remembrance Project videos are a series of videos put on by the Monument Builders of North America. The MBNA is planning to produce $100,000 in videos that will help tell our story – and the importance of remembrance. The videos are available to all MBNA members. We view these videos as valuable resources which is why we have them available to view on our website as another tool to market the idea of remembrance.

Request Product Images

We also offer our images at your disposal to use for your own print and online advertising. Request on our website and you’ll have an image for your own use at any time! 

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You Can Have It All

            At Supernova, we want to make it easy for you. You don’t have to have a huge monument display in order to sell. With our resources, you can expand your monument display for free! All our marketing materials are available to you to ensure when working with us, it is as simple as possible. 

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