Endless Affection Laser Series

LazeRock Lazerock sample

LAZEROCKĀ is a patented process which embeds colors into light colored granite. The nano-implanted color has stronger chemical binding than the binding between the mineral content in the granite. As a result, the color is as permanent as the natural color of the granite.


Capture 100% of the market!

Black granite sales only hold approximately 20% of the market. The LazeRock process gives you the ability to add value to the other 80% of the market. Think about your last year. If you sold just 1 personalized monument, with LazerRock, you can sell Now you can offer personalized memorial solutions to the entire memorial market.


LazeRock on granite colors


Personalization with LazeRock

Getting multiple family photos laser etched onto a monument is gaining more and more popularity, which provides memorial retailers with more artistic works, as well as higher profits and better customer satisfaction. However, the high-resolution photos can only be lasered onto dark granite, which are more expensive than gray or low-end pink granite colors. The image below is an example of the personalization available when laser engraving.




LazeRock Advantages

A great alternative to porcelain tiles and inserts
You are not limited to ovals or circles. Any shape can be easily created with LazeRock.


Lazerok on serpDurable
LazeRock has been weather tested and is guaranteed for up to 100 years.


Low Cost - High Value

Compared to laser etching directly onto an expensive color such as Jet Black, your customer can choose a less expensive granite color and still personalize with photos and other artwork.


Choose Any Color!
This patented laser process can be completed on ANY color of granite. View our full color line here.


Stronger than Granite

When performing a coating adhesion test, a chunk of granite was actually removed from the surface, which you can seeĀ in the image below. This accident indicated that the color binding is stronger than the mineral binding of the granite itself!


LazerRock Stronger than granite