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Product Slideshows

Integrate these well designed product slide shows into your current sales flow. Simply click to download each folder of images and open on your photo viewer on your computer. Display them on the go using your laptop, ipad or tablet, or show them off in your showroom using a large computer monitor, T. V. screen or projector. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-449-2481 and ask to be directed to the advertising department.


Download Whole CD in a Zip FileCremation Memorial Slideshow

Show your customers the many cremation options available! Columbariums, benches and even markers are attractive and practical solutions to the rising cremation rate. Our studies show that 50% of customers who are shown cremation memorials will purchase one for their loved one when opting for cremation.

Cremation Slideshow with PricesLegacy Memorial Slideshow

Our Legacy Memorials have withstood the test of time! Comparable in price to standard serp tops, yet all are unique as your customer. It will be hard for your customers to price compare once they have seen our incomparable line of Legacy Memorials - with over 40 all polished designs to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Cremation Slideshow with no Prices

Statue Monument Slideshow

With professionally trained artists that have been crafting statue monuments for many years, a dedication to quality control and a great selection of models, our Statue Monuments are the perfect product for those customers looking for something much more stunning and eye-catching that a traditional monument.


Endless Affection no PricesPlura Memorial Slideshow

Plura, from the Latin means "more" perfectly describes these unique memorial designs, as well as our most passionate aim: to bring you more. With Plura Memorials, not only do you get unlimited combinations of styles and designs, you also benefit by receiving more product for your dollar. Get creative with Plura Memorials and discover the true meaning of more!


MAR028Heirloom Memorial Slideshow

A new spin on a rational memorial! Heirloom Memorials combine the natural look of a special cut monument with the addition of perfectly designed sandblast artwork created to fit perfectly with the shape of the stone. Heirloom Memorials are available in both domestic and import colors.





MAR028Pet Marker Slideshow

Get in on the 53.3 billion dollar pet industry by offering our broad line of granite pet markers. Pet parents want their beloved pets to be treated with love and respect. They want their love to be shown through memorilization and personalization options that allow the personality of their pet to come through.